12 "Decorative wooden mirror


Chic and stylish, this wooden mirror is perfect to mount on your kitchen, bedroom or bathroom wall. It will reflect light beautifully and make your living space seem larger. Detail..

24 "Deluxe round gold mirror


With flat and non-beveled mirror glass and frame, this beautiful accent mirror is elegant in its simplicity and blends perfectly with any home décor. Can be mounted on the wall ver..

30.5 "silver metal piermirror


This antique style mirror features an ornate metal frame with silver tones which is sure to up the charm of your home décor. Its vintage and traditional luxury presence will make a..

32.25 "Wooden pierscope


This wall mirror is perfect to display in the kitchen, bathroom or any room in your home. It will add a rustic appeal to your living space and make it appear larger and brighter to..

33 "white wood glass piermirror


You can create the illusion of space in your living room with this wall mirror. Mount it above your mantelpiece or on the focal wall to complement your home décor. Details: White a..

35 "Vintage industrial metal round wall mirror


With a vintage industrial design, this mirror features black metal finish accented with gold tips distressed around. A metal keyhole hanger is attached on the back of mirror for ea..

40 "Gothic window frame wall mirror


With a vintage farmhouse design and distressed finish, this mirror features a gothic architecture window frame. Metal d-ring hangers are attached on the back of mirror for easy wal..

A battered black country mirror


Decorate your home or office with this rustic round mirror. This timeless and classic framed mirror will coordinate with any decor setting. It comes in a beautiful hand painted dis..

A battered white country mirror


Timeless and classic, this mirror will complement any contemporary or rustic living space. It has a beautiful hand-painted white distressed frame that exudes a subtle yet elegant c..

Broken grey round rope wall mirror


Uplift the ambience of your room with this round wall mirror. It is accented with rope around the inner frame that can also be used for a decorative rope hanger. This rope mirror f..

Broken taupe round country mirror


This classic round mirror complements any décor. It is hand painted in a distressed taupe finish. You can hang this wall mirror in your living room or dining hall for a traditional..

Round brown country mirror


Timeless and classic, this rustic mirror complements any decor. Its beautiful frame is hand painted in a distressed brown finish. The back of the mirror frame features keyholes tha..

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