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13 inch black poplar boxwood pruned tree


Featuring UV-resistant vivid green leaves that have been expertly shaped, the artificial boxwood topiary tree will bring a polished look to your home. Let this modern, chic artific..

15 "Potted tabletop boxwood decorative tree


Add natural greenery to indoor and outdoor spaces with this artificial topiary tree. It has a boasting canopy of realistic boxwood foliage designed with UV Resistance to protect it..

2 ft bonsai banyan trees


You might mistake this faux tree for the real thing with its rounded top that makes it seem like it has been trimmed ornamentally. This 2ft. ficus tree also has realistic light and..

2 ft wicker basket mixed green


Show off your green thumb with this gorgeous selection of lush greens. With its numerous hues and impressive mixture of leaf textures, it looks so natural only you will know you ne..

2 ft. Robellini palm tree on black plantation


Create your own tropical paradise with this artificial Robellini palm tree showcasing several realistic fronds composed of lifelike looking leaves in bright green hues. Complementa..

2.25ft potted large leaf loving tree plant


An abundance of bold lush greenery decorates this large leaf philodendron. Not only does this plant have a highly detailed leaf pattern but it also feels real to the touch. So real..

20 inch decorative cedar hedge


Bring the outdoors in with this faux, cedar-leaved hedge. No pruning or watering is required for the 20” tall faux topiary. Place one or two hedges side-by-side as a backdrop for a..

3 ft potted sweet bay cone pruned tree


Enhance everyday spaces with this artificial sweet bay tree showcasing a lush collection of lifelike foliage stemming out from a stabilized trunk. This tree is great for sprucing u..

3.3 feet. Areca palm plants in red POTS


The feather-like green fronds of this areca palm artificial plant fall on top of one another in layers, giving the overall piece a lush look. It's placed in a red tower planter wit..

3.5 feet of potted cedar


You love Cedar, we love Cedar... everyone loves Cedar! Maybe that's because it's simply a classic look that stands the test of time. And we've captured that look with this Cedar tr..

3.5 ft cycas in bamboo planter


It's hard to miss the brilliant large leaves that sit atop a realistic looking trunk on this cycas artificial tree. With its gorgeous bamboo planter, it's dramatic, but at the same..

4 ft bonsai traveler palm tree


With palm leaves that are hand-crafted and in a gorgeous shade of green, this 4-foot artificial travelers palm is a great accent piece. It would look great nestled among your livin..

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